wood fibre topora


the sustainable substrate fibre as an innovative raw material

The challenge was to develop a raw material with ideal properties able to meet various requirements of quality soils and professional substrates. It had to be renewable in order to reduce peat exploitation and it had to be available all year-round to guarantee production at a constant quality.

After many years of research and development the result was the production line for topora, the first-class raw material made of woodchips.

Its properties are compelling:

  • Improved airing with a constantly high air capacity ensures healthy root growth
  • Good drainage qualities due to its light structure and many air pores
  • Fast rewettability and water absorption of the substrate
  • Extraordinary structural stability: distinguishes itself from common products by a low shrinkage
  • Reproducible quality due to a standardised production process
  • Nitrogen immobilization at a low level

Due to its low weight topora is excellently suitable as an additive for heavy peat or compost substrates. We recommend to add 20 – 40 % of topora. It meets the strict criteria of the RAL-Quality Assurance Association for substrate raw materials.

topora Product-Sheets: