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“Understanding nature and using it in a responsible way”

About us

Kleeschulte – our family-run enterprise was founded in 1933. Today this medium-sized enterprise with its 40 employees stands out due to innovative products and production processes, flexibility in association with a high performance. This is what characterizes our reliability as a composting factory – something our customers have come to rely on.

Our motto “Understanding nature and using it in a responsible way” has a vital influence on our business behaviour. For only when we understand nature are we in a position to produce sensible products for nature (gardens).

Renewable substrate raw materials

We use a high degree of renewable raw materials, so that the amount of peat in our products is greatly reduced thanks to raw materials developed by us. Not only does this minimise peat exploitation but it also means that our production is no longer dependent on the peat harvest. That on the other hand ensures a continuous production and quality throughout the year, which is independent of weather and harvest.

Regional supply and distribution channels

Both the environment and our logistics costs benefit from the fact that we use mostly regional raw materials. Our developments substitute coco fibres for example, which have to be transported thousands of kilometres to Germany. The local economic cycle provides sufficient raw materials and has many customers so that long transport routes can basically be avoided.

Distinct technology for the highest quality stand

The motivation to always use the appropriate and state-of-the-art technology is our drive.

New thoughts and ideas are continuously being tested for their feasibility. Only the technical know-how, coupled with the experience of design engineers and engineering firms, generates machines that meet our requirements – and these machines are often unique.

As a result we achieve optimum product and quality results and we are in a position to reduce the operational flow.

topora® – the sustainable substrate fibre as an innovative raw material

The challenge was to develop a raw material with ideal properties able to meet various requirements of quality soils and professional substrates. It had to be renewable in order to reduce peat exploitation and it had to be available all year-round to guarantee production at a constant quality.

After many years of research and development the result was the production line for topora, the first-class raw material made of woodchips.

Its properties are compelling:

  • Improved airing with a constantly high air capacity ensures healthy root growth
  • Good drainage qualities due to its light structure and many air pores
  • Fast rewettability and water absorption of the substrate
  • Extraordinary structural stability : distinguishes itself from common products by a low shrinkage
  • Reproducible quality due to a standardised production process
  • Nitrogen immobilization at a low level

Due to its low weight topora is excellently suitable as an additive for heavy peat or compost substrates. We recommend to add 20 – 40 % of topora. It meets the strict criteria of the RAL-Quality Assurance Association for substrate raw materials.


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Climate Strategy

We know, that scientific findings provide clear evidence for global warming and, in consequence, dramatic changes worldwide. Combined action of politics, business and society is urgently required.

Read here more informations about Climate Strategy and the carbon footprints!

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